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Just look at the Spring sun on her face! She's not the only one who's enjoying the brighter, longer, warmer days.  The ground has dried out and warmed up beautifully over the last few days which heralds the arrival of the seed drill.  Our team has been flat out ploughing, cultivating, harrowing and rolling in readiness for this years crops of spring barley, linseed and quinoa.  Quinoa is something new in Britain and we are very excited to be the first UK farmers to be growing it organically.  With increasing numbers of people opting for gluten free diets this is one of the grains which fills t...
2015-03-08 14:01:57

October 2014 NEWSLETTER


Sitting down to write this edition of our newsletter made us realise what a busy few months we've had and helps to explain why you've not heard from us for a while.  Shrewsbury and Ludlow Food Festivals have been significant events over the summer. Shrewsbury was bigger and better than last year, which was a huge achievement with much credit going to the organisers, B...
2014-10-01 07:59:41


If you're reading this the chances are you believe in eating good food and great beef; whether it's organic, grass fed, properly hung, Longhorn, local or with a guaranteed provenance.  Rest assured we continue to work within these parameters and strive to offer you the finest Longhorn beef.  The whole process is quite a journey, but it's worth it and we make no compromises when it comes to quality. Sometimes this means there may be a short waiting time for certain steaks or roasting joints, so, if you have specific requirements, do please let us know in good time. We will, of course, do our ut...
2014-06-01 08:09:34



We've had some wonderful sunny days just recently and it's finally stopped raining.  Dare we say 'yippee' or is that premature?  We'll certainly say 'yippee' for the snowdrops and the daffodils; and for the tulips and hyaciths which are poking their noses out of the ground.

It has been well documented nationally just how wet it has been this winter and you'll see f...
2014-03-01 09:26:25

December 2013 NEWSLETTER


Christmas is less than a week away, but there are still roses coming into bud and geraniums flowering in the garden.  Up until last week we've also had the main herd grazing the front field, which is unheard of at this time of year!  They're now tucking into stubble turnips, which is a bit of a Christmas treat!

Whilst we've had some wind and rain over the last few ...
2013-12-12 09:39:03

October 2013 NEWSLETTER


There has been a distinct change of temperature over the last couple of days.  We're officially in autumn and the hedgerows are testament to that with an abundance of hips and berries.  It's been an excellent growing season, albeit rather delayed by the cold spring, and the field and garden harvest has been rewarding.

The cattle are all looking really well having ...
2013-10-01 08:54:47

August 2013 NEWSLETTER

Wow, what a summer so far.  About time too!  It's seven years since we've had such a prolonged period of wonderful blue skies and sunshine.  We remember it well as it was the year we were married and we've just celebrated another big family wedding, this time here at Berwick.  It couldn't have been a more perfect day and we'll have a lasting memory of the wedding party walking together through the white clover in the evening sun.  We then had a big birthday celebration the following evening which was equally magical, before the cows were allowed back in their field.  They didn't seem to mind t...
2013-08-01 09:13:23



When we published our last newsletter, at the beginning of March, we thought that Spring, and all the expectation that comes with it, had arrived. Who'd have predicted what was to come?  Heavy snow in the middle of the month forced us to bring the cows and their calves back into the shed and we counted our blessings that we had sufficient silage, straw and haylage in st...
2013-05-01 09:37:44



There are eight new calves on the farm and if this isn't a sure sign of Spring... what is?  So far we've got six heifers and two bull calves. The mums are all wonderfully maternal and protective, having all 'been there done that', rarely allowing anything to come between them and their precious offspring. They have every reason to be looking pleased with themselves.  ...
2013-03-12 10:49:54

December 2012 NEWSLETTER


Saturday was officially the first day of winter on the Met Office calendar  and it certainly feels like it.  The river burst it's banks early last week and although the flood waters have subsided there are still pools of water lying in the field which have frozen over.  We've got lovely bright blue skies and sunshine though today, so our memories of torrential rain an...
2012-12-01 11:07:17

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