Longhorn Steak comes out top in Country Life Taste Test

When a panel of Country Life magazine judges sat down to find Britain's best steak they unanimously agreed that the Longhorn was the winner. They found it a difficult, but enjoyable task but their comments were as follows: 'Definately the winner, delicious', 'Perfect, 9 out of 10, very sweet and melts in the mouth', Soft on the palate, with a sweet, tender flavour', 'This is the perfect steak'.

There were a number of underlying factors which result in such exceptional beef. Firstly a diet of grass, the marbling of fat, which melts into the meat during cooking and gives a better flavour and the treatment of the animal at slaughter. A short, stress free journey to the abbattoir and proper maturing, with the meat hung on the bone, were vital.

Sam and Claire were absolutely delighted, but not necessarily surprised to hear that the Longhorn had come out top. Sam goes on to comment, 'this taste test endorses much of what we already know and in deed what we are doing at Great Berwick, but it's always really good to get some reassurance'

To see the full Country Life article follow the following link http://www.countrylife.co.uk/countryside/article/304993/Britain-s-best-steak.html