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  • March 2015 NEWSLETTER

    Just look at the Spring sun on her face! She's not the only one who's enjoying the brighter, longer, warmer days.  The ground has dried out and warmed up beautifully over the last few days which heralds the arrival of the seed drill.  Our team has been flat out ploughing, cultivating, harrowing and rolling in readiness for this years crops of spring barley, linseed and quinoa.  Quinoa is something new in Britain and we are very excited to be the first UK farmers to be growing it organically.  With increasing numbers of people opting for gluten free diets this is one of the grains which fills the gap.

    Our cows are looking good too having wintered well on good silage and hay and with lovely thick beds of straw.  They'll look even better once there is grass under their feet and they've got their Spring bloom.  Rather appropriately our first 2015 calf was born on Mother's day and now the maternity field is beginning to fill up quickly.

    Easter is fast approaching and although we're not offering any traditional organic lamb this year we do have some fabulous beef available.  Please let us know if you'd like some.

    With very best wishes for Easter and the year ahead.

    Sam and Claire


    March 2015

    Spring is in the air


    On the move

    DSCF2410.150518It's always fun and a little bit nerve racking when we move some of the herd down the main Shrewsbury to Baschurch road, especially when we have one or two youngsters in the group.  Making sure we have some of the older, wiser matriarchs who the routine helps to ease the journey.

    Meanwhile the motorists, who's day was slowed up a bit whilst they waited for the procession to pass by, seemed to enjoy the spectacle!

    Our recipe book shelf

    DSCF2589.143620Spot the theme?  Whilst there is nothing better than a pure steak or classic roast beef, we're always looking for new and inspirational beef recipes. Our new website (yes, watch this space for further news on this) will feature some of our tried and tested favourites for you to try.  If you have any recipes you'd like to share with us do please drop us a line.



    Houghton Hall Joseph

    DSCF2444.121606We were pleased to have had our Vet's confirmation that this young man, who joined us from Houghton Hall, Norfolk in the autumn, and our other two bulls have been performing well over the last few months. For ease of management the herd is now split into two with one group calving in the Autumn and the other in the Spring.



    Dates for your 2015 Diaries

    27 & 28 June:                               Shrewsbury Food Festival

    11, 12 & 13 September:               Ludlow Food Festival

    12 & 13 December:                      Shrewsbury Christmas Fair

    First Friday of the month:             Shrewsbury Farmers Market

  • October 2014 NEWSLETTER


    Sitting down to write this edition of our newsletter made us realise what a busy few months we've had and helps to explain why you've not heard from us for a while.  Shrewsbury and Ludlow Food Festivals have been significant events over the summer. Shrewsbury was bigger and better than last year, which was a huge achievement with much credit going to the organisers, Beth Heath and Andy Richardson.  We had fabulous pitches for the hot food and the chilled beef counters and our wonderful cow and calf are probably the most photographed in the county.

    Ludlow really stretched us, but for all the right reasons, as it takes place over three days and this year we were showcasing roast beef rolls and pulled beef rolls/wraps on our hot food stand as well as having the chilled beef counter. Our Great Berwick team worked tirelessly thoughout.  Special mention must, without a doubt, go to Sarah without whom all this couldn't be possible.  Her behind the scenes role in the Cold Room, alongside Martin our Butcher, is heroic.

    The forage wagon, combine harvester and baler have all been incredibly busy too this year.  We've just baled the last of the silage, which means we're pretty close to having the Harvest in safe and sound.  The sheds are full to bursting which bodes well for what ever the winter throws at us.  Organic grain buyers and merchants are now justifiably keen to get their hands on our linseed, barley and oats.

    The Shrewsbury Flower Show, at the end of August, has in previous years, triggered some to start thinking about Christmas. This year was top trumped though by an order we received in June!  We're very impressed by this forward planning and leads us on to give a gentle prompt to those who would like Beef for Christmas.  Please do get in touch in plenty of time!! In the meantime it's business as usual and we have good supplies of joints/cuts/steaks in stock.

    We hope you enjoy the Autumn; those wonderfully fresh and misty mornings and the long shadows in the afternoon sun certainly help lift the spirit!

    With very best wishes

    Sam and Claire


    Longhorn Burgers, Bournemouth

    LonghornBurgers.162046We're delighted to report that Great Berwick Organics is the exclusive supplier of Beef to a recently opened restaurant in Bournemouth which happens to be named after it's principal ingredient. 'LONGHORN BURGERS' is the brain child of Simon French and he spent alot of time with us earlier this year creating the ultimate burger mix. As well as a mouthwatering range of different burger options, LONGHORN BURGERS is also serving Great Berwick fillet, ribeye and sirloin steaks. If you happen to be in that part of the world, it's well worth paying them a visit. For further details go to

    Images of Shrewsbury and Ludlow Food Festivals 2014

  • June 2014 NEWSLETTER

    If you're reading this the chances are you believe in eating good food and great beef; whether it's organic, grass fed, properly hung, Longhorn, local or with a guaranteed provenance.  Rest assured we continue to work within these parameters and strive to offer you the finest Longhorn beef.  The whole process is quite a journey, but it's worth it and we make no compromises when it comes to quality. Sometimes this means there may be a short waiting time for certain steaks or roasting joints, so, if you have specific requirements, do please let us know in good time. We will, of course, do our utmost to deliver.

    Food Festivals provide us, and other artisan producers, with a fabulous stage from which to present our products to a wider audience.  We very much enjoyed the Ludlow Spring Festival in April and Shrewsbury Food Festival is fast approaching.  It promises to be the ultimate culinary extravaganza! If you're free and you fancy a day out, we look forward to seeing you there!

    Also, please see below for details of our Open Day on Sunday 13th July.

    Enjoy your summer and here's to further enriching your food experience.

    With very best wishes

    Sam and Claire

    Shrewsbury Food Festival - 28 & 29 June 2014 Shrewsfoodfest.161430

    A 'must go' for your diaries and calendars. It was in our top 5 highlights of 2013 and we can't wait for this year's Food Festival. It is taking place in the heart of Shrewsbury in the picturesque Quarry Park and it will be show-casing all the finest, delicious, remarkable foodie products the county of Shropshire, and beyond, has to offer.  We will be there with three hats on.  One of our cows and her calf will be taking centre stage alongside a beautiful English Lop sow, her piglets and a nanny goat.  We'll be selling fresh beef from our chiller counter and also serving roast beef rolls. It's from field to fork at its very best!  For further details go to

    Farming Update

    DSCF0663.141903Who needs artificial fertilizers when we can grow a crop of grass and clover like this?  This is a first cut of silage (a second and, if we're lucky, a third) will follow.  The grass is mown when it's dry and has had some sun on it. It's then allowed to wilt before it's picked up with the forage wagon and transported back to the yard. There we fill a concrete bunker, level, roll and cover it in plastic sheets and leave to 'pickle' into sweet smelling, nutritious winter forage.

    Our organic linseed is now flowering (pale blue) and the field adjacent is just turning crimson with poppies.  The heavy showers, thunder, lightning and hail stones we've had over the last few days has prevented us from taking some good photos, but if you like, click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons below to keep track of what's happening here at Berwick on a more regular basis.

    The Peach Tree, Shrewsbury

    Peach-tree-outside-shot-thumb.215123We are absolutely delighted to be supplying Chris Burt, Executive Director Chef at the Peach Tree with our Longhorn Beef.  He is a firm believer in supporting local producers and his creative and imaginative presentation of food is inspired. We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with Chris and his team.

    Images of Great Berwick in June

    Shrewsbury Farmer's Market

    For local customers, please note that as well as being open every Friday (12 til DSCF9940.2157426pm) on the Farm, we are also going to have a regular pitch at the Shrewsbury Farmers' Market which takes place (come rain or shine) on the 1st Friday of each Month.





    Shrewsbury Farmer's Market

    DSCF0649.151257 - CopyFor local customers, please note that as well as being open every Friday (12 til 6pm) on the Farm, we are also going to have a regular pitch at the Shrewsbury Farmers' Market which takes place (come rain or shine) on the 1st Friday of each Month.

  • March 2014 NEWSLETTER


    We've had some wonderful sunny days just recently and it's finally stopped raining.  Dare we say 'yippee' or is that premature?  We'll certainly say 'yippee' for the snowdrops and the daffodils; and for the tulips and hyaciths which are poking their noses out of the ground.

    It has been well documented nationally just how wet it has been this winter and you'll see from the photographs below that Great Berwick has taken its fair share of the River Severn being unable to cope with the volume of water being thrown at it.  Whilst this is fairly normal for this time of year, the big difference is the sustained length of time we've had land completely submerged. (Sam  has calculated that approx 800 million cubic meters of water flowed past the farm between Christmas and the middle of February!) Only time will tell whether the grass and clover will properly recover.  We're optimistic that it will, but our thoughts are with farmers in the West Country and elsewhere who have experienced unprecidented flooding and distress.

    Sodden ground conditions means that this is the first time we've had the whole herd inside since the beginning of December. We're fortunate to have space to bring them all into our large sheds and onto lovely straw beds. It is a wonderful sight seeing them all looking so content, calm and dry!

    As we've said before, happy cows equal great tasting beef.

    Roll on spring and all the joy that it brings.

    WIth kind regards

    Sam and Claire

    Flood, flowers and fresh air

    Farm update

    This is a field of winter wheat, which is being mechanically weeded by our neighbour and fellow organic farmer, Ed Brettel. The machine is called a Robo crop and it uses a camera to differentiate between the crop and the weed.  It then DSCF9881.144840cleverly rakes in between the wheat plants and down the rows. We'll use this machine at least 3 or 4 times between now and the crop being ready to harvest.  It beats chemical sprays any day.

    We've also been muck spreading over the last week, thereby replenishing the soil nutrients and essential organic matter. Once spread it is quickly ploughed in to help reduce the pong and try and keep the neighbours happy!

    Dates for your 2014 Diary

    banner1.145717We're very much looking forward to this season's Festivals where we'll be in full swing selling chilled beef and our roast beef rolls. Please make a note of the dates:

    Ludlow Spring Festival 10 & 11 May

    Shropshire County Show 24 May

    Shrewsbury Food Festival 28 & 29 June

    Ludlow Food Festival 12, 13 & 14 September

    British Pie Week 3 - 11 March 2014

    Compressedpie.110409Did you know that we are in the middle of British Pie Week?!  In order to mark this auspicious occasion we are offering boxes of 10 of our individual, cook from frozen, pies for £25.00 (normally £30.00). This special offer is open until midnight on Monday 10th March, so if you're interested please hurry!




    Organic Spring Lamb

    Once again we are offering half and whole lambs for sale through the butchery DSCF9887.151026and on line  All the joints and cuts will be individually vacuum packed and labelled ready for your freezer.  Half lamb (approx 8kg): £75, whole lamb (approx 16kg): £150.00.  If you fancy a change from beef, it's perfect timing for Easter!


    Nigel Slater's Cow Crumble

    cow-crumble-in-dish.152421This savoury crumble uses a delicious mixture of diced chuck, skirt and shin (all of which we have available from our butchery or on line) to create a casserole which is then topped with grated potato and parsnip.  Tried and tested by at least one of our customers and it's certainly a firm favourite in the Barker kitchen.  The recipe can found by clicking  Thank you Nigel!

    If you have any beef recipes you'd like to share, do please let us know.

  • December 2013 NEWSLETTER


    Christmas is less than a week away, but there are still roses coming into bud and geraniums flowering in the garden.  Up until last week we've also had the main herd grazing the front field, which is unheard of at this time of year!  They're now tucking into stubble turnips, which is a bit of a Christmas treat!

    Whilst we've had some wind and rain over the last few days we are very grateful for a relatively mild, dry autumn, which has been an extra bonus after a truelly wonderful summer.

    As we write we are waiting for the courier to collect the final consignment of Christmas Orders and we're looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow (Friday 20 December) when you call into the Butchery. Thank you very much to everyone who has supported us over the course of the year.  We so enjoy talking and corresponding with you all. We are very fortunate to have such a loyal following which continues to grow and flourish.  We believe wholeheartedly in our beef and the way in which we produce it.  When it comes to the taste, well if you're reading this, you'll know that that speaks for itself!

    May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful and healthy New Year!

    We look forward to hearing from you in 2014.

    With very best wishes

    Sam and Claire

    Great Berwick Farm, Shrewsbury, Shropshire


    Unsung Heros

    DSCF9508.184010Those of you who've been down to the Butchery on a Friday afternoon may have met Sarah and if so will have experienced her passion and enthusiasm.  She is our pocket rocket and without her tireless loyality and commitment to her work here we'd struggle to provide the service we do.  She cuts, packs,weighs, labels, taste tests, you name it she does it.  She is our Berwick Star.

    Christmas Opening

    The Butchery will be open between 10am and 6pm on Friday 20 December for you to collect your Christmas orders and pick up any last minute supplies of beef, christmasholly.145852pies, horseradish or bearnaise for your fridge/freezer.

    We will also be open between 12pm and 4pm on Friday 27 December for you to collect your New Year orders.

    Our first day back in the New Year will be Friday 3 January when it will be business as usual in the Butchery between 12 midday and 6pm.

    We will, of course, continue to pick up emails and telephone calls over the Christmas period.  We might not be quite so quick replying though!!

  • October 2013 NEWSLETTER


    There has been a distinct change of temperature over the last couple of days.  We're officially in autumn and the hedgerows are testament to that with an abundance of hips and berries.  It's been an excellent growing season, albeit rather delayed by the cold spring, and the field and garden harvest has been rewarding.

    The cattle are all looking really well having enjoyed the sun on their backs and plenty of grass under their feet.  There's no doubt that happy cows equal great tasting beef!

    Once again there is plenty to report as you'll see below.  We've had a great summer, seen and corresponded with lots of our loyal customers (you know who you are, thank you!) and had the pleasure of meeting and talking to new ones who have found us on line or followed the wafts of beef and the crowds at the Shrewsbury and Ludlow Food Festivals.

    Our Christmas Order Book is beginning to fill, so here's a gentle reminder that the festive season is fast approaching.  Please do get in touch in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. You might also like to consider one of our Christmas Mixed Boxes as a gift for foodie friends and family.

    With very best wishes

    Sam and Claire

    Ludlow Food Festival 2013

    DSCF8920.210412This was our second year at Ludlow Food Festival and we had a brilliant three days. The weekend provided us with another fantastic opportunity to offer samples (Topside, Top Rump and Silverside) which we'd pre-cooked and then finished off in our Green Egg barbeque.  We had people queuing to 'try before they buy' and then buy they did on the strength of what they'd tasted.

    It was lovely to see and meet so many of the visitors to the Festival, our loyal customers and friends.  We also really enjoyed meeting Ellie Harrison from BBC1's Countryfile.  Sadly we ended up on the cutting room floor when it came to the programme being aired on the 29 September, but Sam is continuing to thrive on her comments that ' we need more sexy young farmers like you in the industry!'

    Some more pictures of Ludlow


    Our new bull, Tripps Invincible is the latest edition to the herd having joined at DSCF9101.141554the end of August. We collected him from Salisbury, but he was bred in Dorset.  Whilst he has his fair share of recognised bloodlines he also has plenty of hybrid vigor which bodes well for his future here at Berwick.  He is a very handsome chap and we're looking forward to seeing his progeny in the Spring.


    DSCF8870.132356We've not quite finished the combining, so Harvest Festival celebrations are slightly premature.  We've just got the last couple of acres of linseed left to do, but otherwise the Rye, Triticale, Spring Wheat and Barley are safely in store.  The straw is baled and the dutch barns are looking reassuringly full to see us through the winter.

    The good weather has also given us the opportunity to replenish our stores of winter forage (hay and silage).

    On and around the Farm

    Autumn colours and harvest



    Christmas Mixed Box

    Are you beginning to deliberate over your Christmas gift list? If so you might like DSCF58701to give some thought to one of our Christmas Hampers.  Beautifully presented in the Great Berwick Organics Cool bag, they not only include a selection of carefully selected steaks, roasting joints and mince..... but we also include a jar of The Garlic Farm's delicious Creamy Horseradish with Garlic, a jar of The Bay Tree's Bearnaise and a bottle of Pillastro, all of which are the perfect partners for our beef.   We'll arrange delivery in the week before Christmas and include a personalised gift message.For further details go to boxes

    Bomere Heath Primary School Visit

    DSCF9035.133145A group of twenty four  6 and 7 year olds from our local Primary School came to visit the farm earlier this week. Their enthusiasm and interest was infectious and it was a joy to show them around.  They saw the cows and their fawns (as one little girl described the calves!), learnt about how many organic loaves of bread are produced from a square metre of land, the difference between hay, straw and silage and weighed themselves in the sheep scales.  It'll be interesting to get feed back on what stood out in their memories, even if it is just the flapjack and orange squash.

    Diamond Award Winner 2013

    We're delighted to report that our Pies won their category in the recently DSCF6165.004121contested Heart of England Fine Foods Taste Awards.  For those of you who've already tried them, this will come as no surprise!  We reckon they're pretty good and they're such a handy meal to have on stand by in the freezer.  The perfect slow food fast!


    Keeping up to date

    If you'd like to keep up to date on a more regular basis please click on the Facebook and Twitter icons below.  Don't worry we're not overly zelous when it comes to posting updates and tweeting, but it does provide some extra snippets of Great Berwick news inbetween newsletters.

  • August 2013 NEWSLETTER

    Wow, what a summer so far.  About time too!  It's seven years since we've had such a prolonged period of wonderful blue skies and sunshine.  We remember it well as it was the year we were married and we've just celebrated another big family wedding, this time here at Berwick.  It couldn't have been a more perfect day and we'll have a lasting memory of the wedding party walking together through the white clover in the evening sun.  We then had a big birthday celebration the following evening which was equally magical, before the cows were allowed back in their field.  They didn't seem to mind too much. It was a hare lolloping about on the Friday night, before all the activities started, who did look a bit surprised when he bumped into a large white tent!

    We've also attended the Shrewsbury Food Festival and a Press Event in Central London since our last newsletter, so lots of news to report.

    Our Beef,  fresh and frozen is available at all times, both on line via our website or from our Butchery which is open every Friday between 12 and 6pm.  There may be a waiting list for some of our most popular cuts (ribeye, fillet, sirloin) so do please contact us if you'd like to reserve some.  Our 100% steak burgers are hand pressed using our 5 week dry aged beef and are as popular as ever for family barbeques.

    We are also extending our Shrewsbury Food Festival Special Offer, see details below.

    We hope you're enjoying all the summer colours, warmth and the events which the British are so good at.

    With very best wishes

    Sam and Claire

    Shrewsbury Food Festival 2013

    Shrewsfoodfest.115057Approximately thirteen thousand people saw this cow and calf over the weekend of the Food Festival.  They behaved inpeccably in their sheltered and secure pen in the middle of the Shrewsbury Quarry Park.  The show organisers gave us and Sam Gray with her wonderful British Lop pigs from a fantastic opportunity to show case what Field to Fork really means.

    As well as our chilled meat stand we were also selling Roast Beef Rolls and Rump Steak Baps.  It was a sell out.

    It was such an amazing event for the region's artisan food producers and for the public who came along to experience the first of many Shrewsbury Food Festivals which will take place in the town.  Our thanks and congratulations go to the Event organisers and to all the volunteers who ensured everything went smoothly.

    Shrewsbury Food Festival Offer

    This Barbeque and Sunday Roast Mixed Box includes 2 Rump Steaks (approx 0.8kg), a Topside Roasting Joint (approx 1.2kg), 2 packs of mince (1.0kg) and 4 x 150g Steak Burgers.  All for £39.00 plus £9.50 for postage (where applicable).  Please note that this offers a saving of approximately 20% on individual pack prices.  Go to our Order our Beef page on our website  for details.

    Ludlow to London

    Hot on the footsteps of Andy Murray, who was staying in the very same hotel DSCF8234.122101following his historic Wimbledon success, Great Berwick Organics joined half a dozen other Shropshire Producers who had been chosen to represent Ludlow Food Festival in Central London. The Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane, opposite the Queen Mother's Gates to Hyde Park was the venue and we 'set up stall' in their Cook Book Cafe for an invitation-only Press Evening.  Attendees included influential food writers and journalists who enjoyed a snapshot of Shropshire and the infamous Ludlow Food Festival.  Time will reveal what will be written, tweeted and blogged about the Event.  It was certainly a fantastic experience for us. The guests couldn't believe that 'beef could taste that good'.

    Summer 2013 at Berwick

    Images taken over the last few weeks

    Changes at the Head of the Herd

    forsale_19_895176211.141253Gorse Monsignor, who had been at the Head of the Herd for the last three years moved on to pastures new in Somerset at the beginning of July.  His hooves have been swiftly filled by his right hand man, Harford Kennedy, who is now three and a half. You may recall his arrival two years ago from Gloucestershire.  Then, in order to keep everyone on their toes and ensure diversity of breeding, we've recently purchased Tetford Talisman (shown pictured), a lovely dark roan bull from Lincolnshire.  We look forward, with great anticipation, to seeing their calves in the spring.

    Field Work

    Our first cut of silage came into the clamp under ideal conditions resulting in DSCF8020.130517some excellent quality winter forage. Some of our second cut has been big baled and wrapped, mainly for convenience, to feed our youngstock who are housed during the winter at another holding. The rest has been made into hay which again was made to the book - fragrant, green and crisp!  In fact you could almost eat it yourself.  Our cows should be very happy this Autumn/Winter.

    Beef, glorious beef

    Some images taken by Andy Richardson of our wonderful beef, freshly butchered, cooking and cooked!

  • May 2013 NEWSLETTER


    When we published our last newsletter, at the beginning of March, we thought that Spring, and all the expectation that comes with it, had arrived. Who'd have predicted what was to come?  Heavy snow in the middle of the month forced us to bring the cows and their calves back into the shed and we counted our blessings that we had sufficient silage, straw and haylage in store to keep us going.  Whilst it was unpleasant we were immensely grateful that we had enough covered yard space to weather the storm.  Others didn't and our thoughts are with all the hill farmers who lost livestock under such adverse conditions.

    The season has been considerably delayed, but when the cow parsley appears, almost overnight, in the verges and the fruit trees burst into flower, we too end up with a bit of a spring in our step!  The grass seemed to double in height over the Bank Holiday weekend!

    Domonic Kavenagh took the wonderful photograph above of Ellie May at about 7.30pm on Monday night.  As you can see she has the setting sun on her back whilst her calf enjoys his drink.  Dom is one of our closest neighbours and a very accomplished amateur wildlife photographer. It's well worth taking a look at his website when you have a moment.  He also took the amazing photographs of one of our Barn Owls you'll see in the Gallery below. This is a lovely reminder of why we have conservation headlands around many of our arable fields.

    Beef and Longhorn Beef in particular have featured frequently in the media recently with the Great British Menu and Great British Beef Week.  Read on to find out more about both and our involvement.

    With very best wishes

    Sam and Claire

    Great British Menu 2013 - BBC 2

    Great Berwick Longhorn Beef made its first ever appearance on primetime BBC2 in the middle of March.  Marcus Wareing, 2 Star Michelin Chef and Judge for the evening said 'Wow, what a beautiful piece of meat' when he saw what Will Holland from La Becasse in Ludlow, had brought with him to cook for the main GBM-Central-small.210131course for the Great Briitsh Menu.  We were immensely proud to have been asked to supply one of our Foreribs for this competition and our hats go off to Will for his culinary wizardry.  Not only did he create an amazing dish in the midst of some exceedingly fierce competition (Daniel Clifford & Richard Bainbridge), but he had given up his precious time and energy to raise an enormous amount of money for Comic Relief.

    Sadly Will's menu didn't go through to the final, but with just two points between them it proved just how close a competition it was.

    A competitor in one of the other regional heats also chose to use Longhorn Beef for his main course, so it was a fantastic endorsement for the breed.

    Great British Beef Week

    DSCF5645.002038Some inspiring ladies have been working tirelessly to promote all that is good in the world of Beef, so much so that there is now a week (21 - 27 April) on the calendar which is purely devoted to Beef.  Events were taking place throughout the country.  Our flags were flying when we did a low key offer for all our local customers at our Friday opening of the Butchery.

    Title of gallery summary

    Description of this month's gallery entries

    Easter 2013 and New Courier

    We had record sales of beef and lamb over Easter.  Thank you very much to DSCF7204.214843everyone who chose Great Berwick Organics and to those who waited so patiently in the Butchery on Good Friday!

    To date we have been very pleased with the overnight courier service provided by Parcel Hero. We trust that recipients of parcels are equally happy.  We find the ability to 'track' particularly useful and it was fascinating to monitor the progress of a large box destined for Belgium.  It left here at 4.30 one Tuesday afternoon and it had reached the customer by 11.05 the following morning!

    Future Events

    Dates for your diary:

    26 May 2 - 6pm       Leaton Lodge Open Garden featuring our famous DPP_560.234412Great Berwick Hot Beef Rolls!

    29 - 30 May             Shrewsbury Food Festival

    15 June                   Bomere Heath Summer Fair, also        featuring Great Berwick Beef Rolls!

    8 - 12 July                Cookbook Cafe at Intercontinental on London's Park Lane

    6 - 8 September        Ludlow Food Festival

  • March 2013 NEWSLETTER


    There are eight new calves on the farm and if this isn't a sure sign of Spring... what is?  So far we've got six heifers and two bull calves. The mums are all wonderfully maternal and protective, having all 'been there done that', rarely allowing anything to come between them and their precious offspring. They have every reason to be looking pleased with themselves.  The calves are a joy and they've particularly enjoyed the recent sunshine.

    The maternity ward is in the field on the side of the drive, so you'll see them, either bouncing about or snoozing, if you come down to the Butchery on a Friday (open between 12 and 6pm).  It's hard to believe that we were sledging down this field six weeks ago!

    Planning ahead for Easter, there are just under four weeks 'til Good Friday.  We'll be cutting the week commencing 25th March and in order to avoid disappointment (if you have a specific joint in mind) please get in touch in plenty of time. Bear in mind that we do always have some some joints/cuts available frozen.

    We're also pleased to renew our offer of Organic Lamb.  See below for further details.

    Revelations in the press regarding the National and International Food Industry since our the last newsletter have been alarming and disgraceful.  It makes us prouder than ever of the provenance, traceability and quality of our Beef (and Lamb).

    With best wishes

    Sam and Claire

    Coming home

    The main herd has been on some dry, gravelly land overlooking Shrewsbury all DSCF2410.150518winter where they have been enjoying their silage and the views.  It was time to come home on Friday. As you can see from the photographs they filled the Baschurch/Shrewsbury road and slowed the traffic for a while.  Even the impatient drivers calmed down when they saw the horns!  They are home for calving, although you'll notice that one of the calves has beaten us to it!  She did very well to keep up with the pace and at times was leading the pack!

    On the move and new additions at Berwick

    Organic Lamb

    We are renewing our offer of half a Great Berwick Organics Lamb.  For £60 plus DSCF5852.133541postage you'll receive a mixed box (approx 10kg) of individually packed and labelled joints and cuts.  Please email us at to place an order.


    Shrewsbury Food Festival 29 & 30 June 2013Shrewsfoodfest.161430

    Look what Shrewsbury has planned for the end of June!  Please click on for further details. Great Berwick Organics will be there!

    Cool Bags

    DSCF7220.203717It's really good to see so many of our cool bags coming back into the Butchery every Friday to be refilled.  However, we realise that it's not so easy for some of our more distant customers and in some cases you will have collected more than one.  If you'd like to return these to us, we will credit you with £5 per bag against your next order.

    We also thought it would be fun to see where our bags are popping up. Please send any photographic evidence to us at !


    While stocks last, buy one, get one free on our 500g packs of Lean Mince. DSCF1313.201521

    The photo is to remind you of summer!



    Fast 'slow food' Pies

    DSCF6158.144952Here's our trio of pies (Steak & Ale, Steak & Stilton and Steak & Kidney), sporting their new labels which have been beautifully created by Isobel Bushell, Aardvark Design and Illustration, see .

    We're now using Heart Distribution to circulate them to a wider audience.  As a result you may well see some appearing in your local Farm Shops.  Please note that you can still purchase them directly from us.  Individually they are £3.50, but £30 for a box of ten

  • December 2012 NEWSLETTER


    Saturday was officially the first day of winter on the Met Office calendar  and it certainly feels like it.  The river burst it's banks early last week and although the flood waters have subsided there are still pools of water lying in the field which have frozen over.  We've got lovely bright blue skies and sunshine though today, so our memories of torrential rain and water logged fields are fading.  The weather has certainly tested us this year and we very much hope that 2013 will be kinder to us.

    With regards to Beef we've had a great year with some very definite highlights (our Farm Tour, Ludlow Food Festival and orders from Europe (see below)).  We had a look back through the year's newsletters last night (they are all stored up under the View our Newsletters button on the website and it reminded us just how much fun we've had and how lovely the spring and summer can be!

    May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the year. Thank you for your kind words and your encouragement. It means alot to us.

    We'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Sam and Claire

    Christmas Hamper

    Some of you are familiar with our Mixed Boxes, but for the first time we have DSCF5870.140246complied a Christmas Hamper which not only includes a Topside Roasting Joint, Rolled Brisket, Rump Steaks, Diced Casserole, Shin and Mince (approx 6kg) but also a bottle of our favourite red wine and some pots of horseraddish and bearnaise.  The wine is Italian - Pillastro Puglia Primitivo 2010 and we reckon it's a fabulous match for our beef. 'Elegant, full bodied, rich, smooth and well balanced, with a smooth well rounded finish'

    For £70 (plus postage) everything will be parcelled up in one of our Great Berwick Coolbags complete with some red ribbon.  You can either collect or we can arrange delivery in the usual way.   Go to then click on our Buy our Beef for more details on this and our other Mixed Boxes.

    Christmas Orders and Delivery Dates

    We will continue to take Christmas and New Year Orders up to and including ChristmasHolly.202749Wednesday 19th December.

    For Christmas Orders we will be dispatching on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th December for delivery on Thursday 20th or Friday 21st December.  We will, of course, liase directly with customers on which day their orders will be delivered.

    For New Year Orders we will be dispatching on Thursday 27th December for delivery on Friday 28th December.

    Delivery Charges

    Please note that we have agreed a contract with a new Courier and the fixed logo_main_ukmail.123634charge per delivery will now be £9.50 ( this doesn't include the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland, please contact us for further details on these destinations)  This figure is for any package up to a total of 20kg.  We continue to offer free packaging for all orders over £40.00.

    Longhorn Beef to Europe

    Earlier this year we hosted a visit from two renowned Dutch Chefs, Richard van europe_map.102909Oostenbrugge and Alain Caron, who were being entertained by EBLEX (a UK based organisation for the Beef & Sheep Industry).  The aim was to impress them with the very finest Beef and for them to become the culinary ambassadors for British Beef in Holland.  We are delighted to report that this mission has been accomplished and we have been asked to supply Cotes de beouf (Rib) and Fillet for a Formal Press launch taking place in Amsterdam just before Christmas.  Sadly we won't be there personally but we are very much looking forward to developing this relationship further in the New Year.

    Our distribution network is also about to stretch as far as Greece, with some Sirloin winging its way over to Athens in time for Christmas lunch and we've also got some steaks going to Switzerland later this week.

    The winner by far though is an order from a devoted mother in New Zealand, who has arranged for us to deliver some beef to her daughter who is studying in the UK!

    Great Berwick Pies

    One of our Customers recently described our pies as the 'Ultimate Fast Slow Food' DSCF5915.123156the other day and we think she's summed our pies up perfectly!  They are individual portions and there's a choice of: Steak & Ale, Steak & Stilton and Steak & Kidney. If Chef is tiring in the kitchen over the next few weeks, or indeed at any time, they make a convenient, and delicious meal filler.

    Pop them in the oven, straight from the freezer, for 35 minutes and serve with chips, boiled potatoes or rice. Oh and don't forget some peas!

    £3.50 each or £30 for a box of 10.

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