On the verge of being the Greenest Farm in Shropshire?

Great Berwick Organic Farm stands to be one of the greenest and self sufficient farms in Shropshire, when their 49kw solar PV array is turned on in mid August. This will produce all their own electric power and any surplus will feed back to the National Grid.
The farm already produces its own heat with a large 50kw log boiler which heats the hot water for the Great Berwick Organics purpose built cold and cutting room and also the hot water and heating for the Farmhouse.

All this without even mentioning that the farm is Organic and has been since the turn of the century! This means no artificial inputs in the form of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Claire Barker says " All we need now is do the school run on a bicycle, convert our cars to electric and perhaps start growing oil seed rape to fuel our tractors!"