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    Welcome to our January 2012 Newsletter featuring news and information about what we're up to at Great Berwick.


    Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition (Feb 2012) of Shropshire Magazine!

    SS100354.115212Andy Richardson took some fantastic photos of Monty, our very handsome Longhorn bull, a slightly apprehensive local Chef and the Barker Family on Friday. Standing on West Bank, the highest point on the farm, the photographer was able to utilise the fabulous views and a flooded river marsh as a backdrop. Despite it being blustery and cloudy, Tom (4) and Eleanor (3) really enjoyed joining in and couldn’t help laughing as Monty bellowed across the farm to the rest of his herd!


    We’ve just been approached by Slow Food Ludlow to join them at the infamous DSCF4373.114453Ludlow Food Festival in September. This is a highly coveted event and it has been on our aspiration list for some time. The plan is to feature Great Berwick Longhorn beef in the Taste Workshop, alongside other local producers.

    Click here for  further details on the Food Festival.



    longhorn-2.144138We are planning to have a Great Berwick Farm Walk and Beef Tasting evening during the summer and we'd like to invite you to join us.  Details to follow, but please let us know if you are interested.(* click here and send us an email, if you're interested).  We'll reserve a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon/evening in June/July (!), give you a tour of the farm to see the cows, the River Severn, our conservation headlands and organics cereals, then back to the farmhouse to sample some of our favourite Beef dishes. Tickets will be limited and on a first come, first serve basis.


    Two free pies (£7.00) with any order worth £50 or over for Slow Roast or Casserole meat (Silverside, Rolled Brisket, Diced casserole, Shin and Braising steak)


    Our oven ready, cook from frozen for half an hour, Beef & Stilton and Beef & Ale pies are perfect for one and a fantastic option when you fancy something easy and utterly scrumptious. Individually they're £3.50, but if you buy a Box of 10 it's £30.00


    The main herd are very happily out-wintered on free draining dry ground, Domcowpic1.114902enjoying silage and chopped straw. The only time they really look pretty fed up is when it snows, but even then they manage to look extremely photogenic! Much to Tom and Eleanor’s disappointment though, no snow to date!

    Meanwhile the youngsters, steers and in-calf heifers are lauding it about in our covered straw yards, also enjoying a blend of silage, chopped straw and a little bit of molasses!

    Our conserved forage stocks are fairly limited though, following such a dry summer/autumn. Now the farm has greened up and we finally have some grass, we are very much looking forward to an early spring and the excitement of all the cattle being turned out. It’s a sight to behold when the gate is opened!


    facebook.114412Please note that you can now follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Great-Berwick-Organics-100-Longhorn-Beef/229628313783648



    Following a really busy build up to Christmas we are absolutely delighted to have received so many enthusiastic and complimentary emails from customers who enjoyed Great Berwick Beef over the Christmas and New Year Holidays. We've added some of these to our testimonials page on our website; www.longhornbeef.co.uk

    It is so lovely to have such positive feedback. The number of enquiries we received leading up to Christmas meant that we could have sold our Foreribs at least ten times over if we’d had them. Sirloin on the bone was a hugely popular and very much appreciated alternative, but the very nature of how we produce and properly hang our beef meant that we did, sadly, have to disappoint a few. But to coin a well known phrase, albeit it in a different context, ‘beef is for life not just for Christmas’. In other words, Great Berwick Organics will have beef available throughout the year and with the variety of different cuts and joints we have available it is such a versatile ingredient.

    Please browse our website for more information. If you’re local, please call in on a Friday afternoon between 12 and 6pm. Otherwise telephone 01743 351939.

    May we take this opportunity to thank all of you who bought beef, supported and gave us kind words of encouragement in 2011. We offer you our very best wishes for 2012 and look forward to hearing from you and to supplying your beef.

    With kind regards

    Sam and Claire

    Great Berwick Organics, Great Berwick Farm, Shrewsbury

  • Ludlow's Slow Food Group

    We are about to feed the foodies of Ludlow. This Friday we are feeding the Slow Food Group in Ludlow, so fingers crossed we hope it all goes fine. Pictures to follow (and in case you are wondering it will be a slow cooked casserole of organic 35 day hung beef in Ludlow Brewery's Black Knight Ale. Yum yum!!

  • John Torode Praises Quality Longhorn Beef - Longhorns Lead the Great British Food Revival

    Here at Great Berwick we are in no doubt that the high praise given by John Torode for quality Longhorn Great British beef (8pm BBC2) last night was well justified.

    After nearing extinction a few decades ago, the increasing popularity of the old English Longhorn has enabled its removal from rare breed list. Here at Great Berwick we have one of the largest herds of Longhorn Cattle in the country - over 200 head aiming to bring you the best Longhorn beef. Our visitors to the farm are welcome to see for themselves how well our cattle are kept and how great they taste.


  • On the verge of being the Greenest Farm in Shropshire?

    Great Berwick Organic Farm stands to be one of the greenest and self sufficient farms in Shropshire, when their 49kw solar PV array is turned on in mid August. This will produce all their own electric power and any surplus will feed back to the National Grid.
    The farm already produces its own heat with a large 50kw log boiler which heats the hot water for the Great Berwick Organics purpose built cold and cutting room and also the hot water and heating for the Farmhouse.

    All this without even mentioning that the farm is Organic and has been since the turn of the century! This means no artificial inputs in the form of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

    Claire Barker says " All we need now is do the school run on a bicycle, convert our cars to electric and perhaps start growing oil seed rape to fuel our tractors!"

  • Great Berwick do well in the Herd competition

    We had a Very Successful Herd Competition in 2010.

  • Longhorn Steak comes out top in Country Life Taste Test

    When a panel of Country Life magazine judges sat down to find Britain's best steak they unanimously agreed that the Longhorn was the winner. They found it a difficult, but enjoyable task but their comments were as follows: 'Definately the winner, delicious', 'Perfect, 9 out of 10, very sweet and melts in the mouth', Soft on the palate, with a sweet, tender flavour', 'This is the perfect steak'.

    There were a number of underlying factors which result in such exceptional beef. Firstly a diet of grass, the marbling of fat, which melts into the meat during cooking and gives a better flavour and the treatment of the animal at slaughter. A short, stress free journey to the abbattoir and proper maturing, with the meat hung on the bone, were vital.

    Sam and Claire were absolutely delighted, but not necessarily surprised to hear that the Longhorn had come out top. Sam goes on to comment, 'this taste test endorses much of what we already know and in deed what we are doing at Great Berwick, but it's always really good to get some reassurance'

    To see the full Country Life article follow the following link http://www.countrylife.co.uk/countryside/article/304993/Britain-s-best-steak.html

  • Great Berwick host National Longhorn AGM

    The Barker family very kindly hosted part of The Longhorn Cattle Society AGM at Great Berwick Farm over the weekend of 14 -16 November. The main interest in visiting Sam was to see how he was running his beef enterprise and to hear how he is producing some of the finest Longhorn meat in the country. The herd is now one of the largest registered with the Longhorn Society and Sam is successfully supplying select retailers and an ever growing loyal customer base.

    In addition to seeing the herd and the purpose built cold and cutting room there was also a stock judging competition for all the guests to put their stockmanship eye to the test. Sam Barker and Peter Guest had sorted three pens of cattle and David Bevan very kindly gave the final say on placing the steers, in calf heifers and freshly calved cows.

  • Great Berwick Host National Organic Arable Day

    Great Berwick were very proud to host the Organic Arable Event in association with Organic Farmers and Growers in July.

    The farm planted over thirty trial plots of different types and varieties of crops, spread over some 6 acres.

    The event was staged in the large cattle shed, and managed to get every thing in under one roof, with the trade stands surrounding the conference and dining areas.

    "I am glad we had it all under cover as the heavens opened in the afternoon, but it did make the farm walk a little damp" said Sam, after the event.

    Naturally everyone had home produced organic Longhorn beef casserole, with red cabbage and organic mash from the farm's potato fields for lunch which added that personal touch to the day.

    The Event Organiser was Stephen Jacobs from Organic Farmers and Growers (www.organicfarmers.org.uk). It was the first such event organised by Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G), in conjunction with Abacus Organic Associates, and it attracted some expert speakers sharing their knowledge of the benefits, challenges and requirements of making the move to organic arable.

    As well as talks by experienced organic arable farmers, researchers and advisors, delegates were able to tour the farm’s crops of oats, barley, triticale, red clover mix and potatoes, as well as viewing trial plots planted for the event.

    Organic Farmers & Growers’ Chief Executive, Richard Jacobs, said: “It was an extremely practical and useful day. All of the feedback we’ve had so far has been positive and everyone seems to have welcomed the opportunity to network and gain real-world, useful advice. We badly need more organic arable producers and hopefully we were able to open the eyes of many people to the opportunities.

    “Based on the success of the day, we’ll definitely be looking at putting on similar events in the future. We have to extend our thanks to Sam Barker and his family for providing the venue and an excellent example of what is possible in this sector.”

    The event was backed by many big names and key players in the industry, including headline sponsors, HGCA, Triodos Bank, ABP, Greenvale AP, Savills, BOCM Pauls and Nicholson Machinery.

    Speakers included: farmer Andrew Charlton on what being organic has meant to him and his business; Dr Debbie Sparkes, of Nottingham University, on options for conversion; Stephen Briggs, of Abacus Organic Associates, on conversion strategies; Keith Preston, director at Savills, on making organic arable profitable; Nigel Gossett, of Norton Organic Grain, on marketing; Matt Heaton, of Natural England, covering current agri-environment schemes; Stephen Clarkson, of OF&G, on the requirements of certification.

    OF&G Chairman, Richard Thompson opened and closed the proceedings as well as chairing the question and answer sessions and shared some of the experiences of his family’s more than 50 years in organics.

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