Roasting Joints

You’ll see below that we offer the full range of Roasting joints. Whether you like your Beef on or off the bone, we will do our utmost to meet your requirements, whether you’re catering for 2 or 22 guests. When calculating sizes we work on 250/300g/person/serving. Remember to make allowances for healthy appetites, seconds or if you’d like to have some leftovers to have cold the following day. If the joint is on the bone, allow an extra 30%. If in any doubt please say so in the "Special Instructions/Comments" box. If you’re cooking your Roasting joint off the bone you might wish to add some marrow bones to your order to roast at the same time. They help to make fabulous gravy. When we collect payment it will be based on the actual weight of the joint.
  1. Forerib on the Bone

    This has to be our Ultimate Roasting Joint. If you're not sure how much to order bear in mind that 1 Rib weighs approx 1.5kg, 2 Ribs 3kg, 3 Ribs 4.5kg and 4 Ribs 6kg

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  2. Rolled Forerib

    As per the Forerib on the Bone, but for ease of carving we take it off the bone, roll and string it.

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  3. Sirloin on the Bone

    With the meat still attached to the rib bone this is quite a show stopper when it comes to the table, making it a ideal alternative to the Forerib

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  4. Sirloin Roast Rolled

    With lots of marbling this makes a truly fantastic roast. When calculating the size you need work on approx 250 - 300g per person per serving.

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  5. Whole Fillet

    This is the whole top to tail fillet, dressed and ready to cook as one piece or slice into your perfect steaks. They tend to be between 1.5 and 2.2kg

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  6. Rump Roast Joint

    When you are really sure of the quality and maturity of a piece of rump and where there is particularly good marbling, this makes a fabulous roast

    A lean cut taken from the inside of the upper leg. It is very similar to Topside and it is best dry roasted. We achieve amazing results cooking Rump Roast Joints over night at 55 degrees celsius (as described on our recipe page)

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  7. Top Side Roast

    This makes a wonderful Roasting Joint, especially as it is rolled with an extra layer of fat which gives it added flavour and helps to keep it moist as it cooks.

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  8. Silverside Roast

    This is a leaner, denser, coarser grained piece of meat than the Topside. We supply it rolled and it is suitable for dry roasting or pot-roasting.

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