How we achieve perfection and why we're different

The herd at Great Berwick produces 100% pedigree Longhorn beef. The calves spend their first year suckling their mothers before being weaned off just before she is expecting her next calf.  The yearlings then grow on naturally and are taken to finish between 26 and 30 months.

Cow and new Calf

We believe that the lifestyle of the animal has a crucial effect on the quality of the end product, hence the care and attention we give to rearing our cattle.  Each and every animal on the farm has a relaxed, stress free life, grazing the meadows alongside the River Severn which have been enriched by thousands of years of flooding. The flooding leaves fertile deposits full of trace elements, which alongside a clover rich grass diet is converted into delicious tasting beef.  Our philosophy is that cows should eat what they're designed to eat and that's grass!

Boys on the Marsh Herd on the Marsh Field with a view

When the cattle (usually castrated males) have reached maturity between 26 and 30 months we take them a short distance to an Organic Abattoir near Telford. The four quarters then return to our purpose build Cold Room on the Farm to be dry-aged on the bone for 35 days. The industry standard is 21 days for the hind and 7 days for the forequarter.  Some established butchers have questioned why we do this when we lose moisture and there is extra trim, but we believe you will really notice the difference in taste and tenderness.  Having complete control over this hanging process and having the ability to regulate the humidity in the hanging room results in beef with a wonderful, buttery and nutty taste.

Many of our customers comment that our Beef 'tastes like beef used to taste!'

A very proud farmer producer

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