August 2013 NEWSLETTER

August 2013 NEWSLETTER
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August 2013 NEWSLETTER

Wow, what a summer so far.  About time too!  It's seven years since we've had such a prolonged period of wonderful blue skies and sunshine.  We remember it well as it was the year we were married and we've just celebrated another big family wedding, this time here at Berwick.  It couldn't have been a more perfect day and we'll have a lasting memory of the wedding party walking together through the white clover in the evening sun.  We then had a big birthday celebration the following evening which was equally magical, before the cows were allowed back in their field.  They didn't seem to mind too much. It was a hare lolloping about on the Friday night, before all the activities started, who did look a bit surprised when he bumped into a large white tent! We've also attended the Shrewsbury Food Festival and a Press Event in Central London since our last newsletter, so lots of news to report. Our Beef,  fresh and frozen is available at all times, both on line via our website or from our Butchery which is open every Friday between 12 and 6pm.  There may be a waiting list for some of our most popular cuts (ribeye, fillet, sirloin) so do please contact us if you'd like to reserve some.  Our 100% steak burgers are hand pressed using our 5 week dry aged beef and are as popular as ever for family barbeques. We are also extending our Shrewsbury Food Festival Special Offer, see details below. We hope you're enjoying all the summer colours, warmth and the events which the British are so good at. With very best wishes Sam and Claire

Shrewsbury Food Festival 2013

Shrewsfoodfest.115057Approximately thirteen thousand people saw this cow and calf over the weekend of the Food Festival.  They behaved inpeccably in their sheltered and secure pen in the middle of the Shrewsbury Quarry Park.  The show organisers gave us and Sam Gray with her wonderful British Lop pigs from a fantastic opportunity to show case what Field to Fork really means. As well as our chilled meat stand we were also selling Roast Beef Rolls and Rump Steak Baps.  It was a sell out. It was such an amazing event for the region's artisan food producers and for the public who came along to experience the first of many Shrewsbury Food Festivals which will take place in the town.  Our thanks and congratulations go to the Event organisers and to all the volunteers who ensured everything went smoothly.

Shrewsbury Food Festival Offer

This Barbeque and Sunday Roast Mixed Box includes 2 Rump Steaks (approx 0.8kg), a Topside Roasting Joint (approx 1.2kg), 2 packs of mince (1.0kg) and 4 x 150g Steak Burgers.  All for £39.00 plus £9.50 for postage (where applicable).  Please note that this offers a saving of approximately 20% on individual pack prices.  Go to our Order our Beef page on our website  for details.

Ludlow to London

Hot on the footsteps of Andy Murray, who was staying in the very same hotel DSCF8234.122101following his historic Wimbledon success, Great Berwick Organics joined half a dozen other Shropshire Producers who had been chosen to represent Ludlow Food Festival in Central London. The Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane, opposite the Queen Mother's Gates to Hyde Park was the venue and we 'set up stall' in their Cook Book Cafe for an invitation-only Press Evening.  Attendees included influential food writers and journalists who enjoyed a snapshot of Shropshire and the infamous Ludlow Food Festival.  Time will reveal what will be written, tweeted and blogged about the Event.  It was certainly a fantastic experience for us. The guests couldn't believe that 'beef could taste that good'.

Summer 2013 at Berwick

Images taken over the last few weeks [gallery link="none" columns="4" ids="263,264,267,261,260,268,269,266"]

Changes at the Head of the Herd

forsale_19_895176211.141253Gorse Monsignor, who had been at the Head of the Herd for the last three years moved on to pastures new in Somerset at the beginning of July.  His hooves have been swiftly filled by his right hand man, Harford Kennedy, who is now three and a half. You may recall his arrival two years ago from Gloucestershire.  Then, in order to keep everyone on their toes and ensure diversity of breeding, we've recently purchased Tetford Talisman (shown pictured), a lovely dark roan bull from Lincolnshire.  We look forward, with great anticipation, to seeing their calves in the spring.

Field Work

Our first cut of silage came into the clamp under ideal conditions resulting in DSCF8020.130517some excellent quality winter forage. Some of our second cut has been big baled and wrapped, mainly for convenience, to feed our youngstock who are housed during the winter at another holding. The rest has been made into hay which again was made to the book - fragrant, green and crisp!  In fact you could almost eat it yourself.  Our cows should be very happy this Autumn/Winter.

Beef, glorious beef

Some images taken by Andy Richardson of our wonderful beef, freshly butchered, cooking and cooked! [gallery link="none" columns="4" ids="272,271,273,276,274,277,278,279"]
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