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DPP_681.194205 When we published our last newsletter, at the beginning of March, we thought that Spring, and all the expectation that comes with it, had arrived. Who'd have predicted what was to come?  Heavy snow in the middle of the month forced us to bring the cows and their calves back into the shed and we counted our blessings that we had sufficient silage, straw and haylage in store to keep us going.  Whilst it was unpleasant we were immensely grateful that we had enough covered yard space to weather the storm.  Others didn't and our thoughts are with all the hill farmers who lost livestock under such adverse conditions. The season has been considerably delayed, but when the cow parsley appears, almost overnight, in the verges and the fruit trees burst into flower, we too end up with a bit of a spring in our step!  The grass seemed to double in height over the Bank Holiday weekend! Domonic Kavenagh took the wonderful photograph above of Ellie May at about 7.30pm on Monday night.  As you can see she has the setting sun on her back whilst her calf enjoys his drink.  Dom is one of our closest neighbours and a very accomplished amateur wildlife photographer. It's well worth taking a look at his website when you have a moment.  He also took the amazing photographs of one of our Barn Owls you'll see in the Gallery below. This is a lovely reminder of why we have conservation headlands around many of our arable fields. Beef and Longhorn Beef in particular have featured frequently in the media recently with the Great British Menu and Great British Beef Week.  Read on to find out more about both and our involvement. With very best wishes Sam and Claire

Great British Menu 2013 - BBC 2

Great Berwick Longhorn Beef made its first ever appearance on primetime BBC2 in the middle of March.  Marcus Wareing, 2 Star Michelin Chef and Judge for the evening said 'Wow, what a beautiful piece of meat' when he saw what Will Holland from La Becasse in Ludlow, had brought with him to cook for the main GBM-Central-small.210131course for the Great Briitsh Menu.  We were immensely proud to have been asked to supply one of our Foreribs for this competition and our hats go off to Will for his culinary wizardry.  Not only did he create an amazing dish in the midst of some exceedingly fierce competition (Daniel Clifford & Richard Bainbridge), but he had given up his precious time and energy to raise an enormous amount of money for Comic Relief. Sadly Will's menu didn't go through to the final, but with just two points between them it proved just how close a competition it was. A competitor in one of the other regional heats also chose to use Longhorn Beef for his main course, so it was a fantastic endorsement for the breed.

Great British Beef Week

DSCF5645.002038Some inspiring ladies have been working tirelessly to promote all that is good in the world of Beef, so much so that there is now a week (21 - 27 April) on the calendar which is purely devoted to Beef.  Events were taking place throughout the country.  Our flags were flying when we did a low key offer for all our local customers at our Friday opening of the Butchery.

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Easter 2013 and New Courier

We had record sales of beef and lamb over Easter.  Thank you very much to DSCF7204.214843everyone who chose Great Berwick Organics and to those who waited so patiently in the Butchery on Good Friday! To date we have been very pleased with the overnight courier service provided by Parcel Hero. We trust that recipients of parcels are equally happy.  We find the ability to 'track' particularly useful and it was fascinating to monitor the progress of a large box destined for Belgium.  It left here at 4.30 one Tuesday afternoon and it had reached the customer by 11.05 the following morning!

Future Events

Dates for your diary: 26 May 2 - 6pm       Leaton Lodge Open Garden featuring our famous DPP_560.234412Great Berwick Hot Beef Rolls! 29 - 30 May             Shrewsbury Food Festival 15 June                   Bomere Heath Summer Fair, also        featuring Great Berwick Beef Rolls! 8 - 12 July                Cookbook Cafe at Intercontinental on London's Park Lane 6 - 8 September        Ludlow Food Festival
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